There are three basic types of accommodation at the Masonic Haven;

Single or two bed roomed cottages in what is known as the Masonic Village. These are for the purchase of Life Rights
Single or two roomed flats in the Main Building or Residence. (Units may be rented or life rights purchased)
Frail Care
Private rooms and wards in the Frail Care Unit.( Private rooms may be rented or Life Rights may be purchased

The Frail Care Unit comprises of 2-bed; 4-bed; and 6- bed wards as well as an 8-bed ward. 12 Private rooms is also available for semi-frail residents. A total of 56 frail residents can be accommodated and the Unit is suitable to care for Physically or mentally frail residents who are in need of constant supervision. All shifts are managed by a registered nurse.

Staff are constantly trained on the spesific care to pasients suffering from Alzheimer and Parkinsons desease.